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If you’re a young person and aspiring athlete in Australia or New Zealand, you’re probably aware that securing a sports scholarship is the best way to kickstart your career and give you the very best chance of success. Unfortunately, you’re probably equally aware that opportunities for world-class sports scholarships in Australia are extremely limited – and that’s why the best bet is usually to seek scholarships overseas.

When it comes to finding out how to get a sport scholarship overseas, things can often seem confusing. Particularly when looking into how to get a scholarship at US colleges, where facilities, coaches and networking opportunities for student athletes are second to none, the process can seem quite daunting. The seemingly complicated application procedure often serves to discourage from applying talented student athletes with promising futures.
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How To Get A Sport Scholarship In America

At IAM 360, we specialise in helping young athletes from Australia and New Zealand to achieve their dreams of gaining sports scholarships in Australia at some of America’s leading institutions.

With over 11 years of experience, here at IAM 360 we take pride in providing opportunities at all levels, regardless of your particular requirements or budget. We can match your particular set of skills and aspirations with the right US college for you, placing you on one of over 1500 pathways we have available thanks to our close connections with colleges across the country.

We’re With You Throughout the Process

Of course, our priority is ensuring the success of your application. This means helping to build athletic profiles, creating video footage and communicating with elite coaches. But as well as helping you with finding the right course and college and making your application, we can also help with things like tuition, accommodation, food, athletic equipment and books. Our approach ensures that all aspects of securing your scholarship are dealt with in an efficient and stress-free manner, and guarantees you the highest possible chance of success not just in your application but also in your ongoing life, studies and career.

We’re also proud to offer help with securing US sports scholarships in Australia for a variety of different sports. Whilst some sports naturally attract more scholarship opportunities than others, IAM 360’s strong working relationships with American colleges means that we’re able to offer you the greatest chance of securing your US sports scholarship in Australia, regardless of your chosen sport.

International Sport Scholarships in the USA

If you’re looking to find an international sport scholarship in Australia and you don’t know where to start, we can help. We currently have created over 5,000 pathways for students who wish to get a sports scholarship in the US, and joining our students don’t have to be as difficult as you might have thought.

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Benefit from IAM 360’s scholarship experience

IAM 360’s team of knowledgeable Placement Managers understand the collegiate system in depth and work hard to promote athletes from a wide range of sport and athletic abilities including,

Navigating the college system in the US and the opportunity to obtain sports scholarships can be extremely challenging and involve a lot of work for an international student. IAM 360 can help you improve your chance of success by:

  • building athletic profiles
  • creating video footage
  • communicating with elite coaches
  • placing athletes in colleges that match your individual values.

Our role is to help match you with the right scholarship opportunity and provide a support network.

Have You Considered Sports Scholarships In The USA?

hoosing to apply for a college placement in America could be one of the best decisions you ever make. US sports programs are competitive, very well funded and grade dependant so graduates benefit from a wide range of opportunities in terms of professional sporting and further education prospects. For over a decade IAM 360 has been supporting young athletes, helping them achieve their best and encouraging them to pursue bold new experiences all over the world. We are passionate about developing promising students and athletes and giving them the best platform possible to hone their skills. If you are an athlete with promise and have the determination to succeed in class, then there is nothing to stop you from attaining a sports scholarship in the states.

How Our Sports Scholarship Recruitment Process Works

Every athlete seeking to study abroad completes a free assessment to give us an understanding of their educational and athletic abilities. We lead them through the various opportunities available to get them into a US college, university or high school. IAM 360 will then save applicants time and money by helping them find the right colleges and courses available. Our program matches candidate’s needs based on their eligibility and preferences; it also helps source financial support in the form of scholarship opportunities. When an athlete eventually takes up a placement in college, we provide a support network to help them keep on track.

The Rewards Far Outweigh The Risk

A sports scholarship lets you study practically whatever you want at renowned, accredited colleges. You can get a fantastic degree in almost any academic field from the US university system. This life-changing opportunity opens many doors for future possibilities enabling student-athletes to develop a fantastic international network of friends, colleagues, mentors and business professionals. Scholars reap incredible rewards by working hard and developing their talent as student-athletes in the competitive US college arena. There is no better place where you can continue your sporting career and development as well as studying for a university degree. Studying abroad and gaining a recognised degree adds huge merit to your CV and opens doors to continuing your education or employment in the US, Australia or anywhere else.

Need Help Regarding Sports Scholarships? Chat to Us Now

If you are interested in learning more about USA sports scholarships, then you can find out more on our website. We offer assessments to determine your attributes and goals so we can accurately narrow down on the best universities and the best course options for you. While you are there, you can avail of a whole host of other great resources like our podcast where we discuss the ins and outs of the various stages of the recruitment process. You can also read through our FAQ as well as the testimonials from some of our past student-athletes to get a better understanding of what lies ahead. We do our level best to supply prospective sports scholars with the relevant and most up to date information about applying for and studying in America.

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For 12 years IAM 360 has provided over 5000 pathways to US colleges.

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