How you can ask a coach for a sports scholarship once you are already in college

Whether it be your first, second, or third year in college there are two angles to this. There is the direct approach where you can just ask the coach or there is the right way to do it, asking through your actions. You do not need to ask if you have proven yourself and the coach deems you worthy of a scholarship. It is not a conversation you need to have because it will automatically happen.

However, your college may not be able to provide sports scholarships, this is something you will need to know. If that is the case, then do not ask because you cannot get one. The majority of athletes that are at schools can provide some form of funding, whether it is a sports scholarship that the school can provide or extra money that they can give you.
The easiest way to ask for a sports scholarship, if you are in college, is not to get your dad to call our office asking or call the coach. If you are doing that, then you are not going to get a sports scholarship because the only person who can help you with that answer is the coach and yourself. If you are going to ask anyone directly, ask the coach first.
If you do really well in your first year, then you are giving yourself every chance to have that conversation with a coach or for the coach to give you a scholarship increase. If you are doing the right thing, there is a ton of awards that you could be receiving as well as team awards or Player of the Year awards. These results will dictate if you can ask for a sports scholarship.

Attitude is also important. Your attitude really is everything towards whatever it is that you do. If you have a bad attitude towards your grades or your subjects there are not going be too many options for you when it comes to US college. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, but you need to have a good attitude towards getting the right grades.

Understand the importance of your academics because you are a student before an athlete. You are also going to receive negative feedback from coaches, teachers or media when you thought you performed really well, which you have to use as constructive criticism.

To have a negative attitude towards that feedback is also going to be detrimental to your game. Bad attitude towards your grades, towards feedback, and towards coaches and team-mates is not going to get you too far in life. The earlier that you can prepare yourself and understand that your attitude will determine a lot of things, the better off you are going to be.

So, if you are heading into the US system and competing and playing straight away is really important to you, then the best option for you may be the junior college pathway. Everyone is different and has different preferences and may want different things. But, if game time or tournament time is really important to you in your first year, then junior college may be the best pathway for you.

There are more chances of competing straight away at a two-year college or junior college than there is at a larger four year school. Even going to a junior college, you still have to earn everything. Nothing is just going to be handed to you.

If a coach is recruiting you, he/she might not be recruiting you to come in and start playing every single game or straight away. You still have to come in and earn everything. You earn your competition, your time on the field or on the court.

You are competing for playing opportunities against athletes your same age, in their first or second year. Therefore junior college may be the best fit for you because it is going to give you the best chance of competing straight away because of it being only first and second year students that are all competing for those opportunities. If it is really important to you to compete in your first year you still have to prove yourself, but the chances of competing are higher than if you were to go straight into a four year institution.

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