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Study in the USA

Australia is a country with a proud sporting heritage, and young people here are blessed with plenty of opportunities to develop and improve as athletes.
But when it comes to actually embarking on a sporting career, it goes without saying that young athletes looking for world-class facilities, coaches and networking opportunities are better off choosing to study in the USA.
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How Studying in the USA Can Help Your Career

The collegiate system of the United States is not without its flaws, but it remains the envy of the world in terms of education in the liberal arts and sports.

Student athletes in America not only have access to the best facilities and equipment, they’re also lucky enough to be starting their sporting careers in the world’s dominant economy – where there are more opportunities for those with talent and ambition than anywhere else in the world.

If you’re looking for the head-start in your sporting career that choosing to study in America alone can provide, here at IAM 360 we are committed to turning your dream into a reality. Our college recruitment services can help you to obtain the sports scholarship in the USA that is perfect for your particular skills and aspirations.

Our experienced team can work with you to hone your skills and your athletic profile, greatly improving your chances of success when it comes to applying to study in the US. Furthermore, they’ll be able to put you in contact with elite coaches and, by coming to fully understand your specific requirements, direct you towards US colleges that match your needs and values.

Why Would You Want to Study in America?

At IAM 360, we don’t just help elite students realise their dreams to study in the USA: we understand that many US colleges are very keen to encourage progressive young athletes from across the globe to come and develop their careers with them.
That’s why we welcome aspiring athletes of all levels, and match them to colleges that suit their academic and athletic standing, their personal values and ambitions – and their family’s budget.

With over ten years of experience of providing access to US colleges for Australian student athletes, IAM 360 provides trusted and reliable college recruitment services.

Ready to Start Studying in the US?

Our excellent working relationships with colleges that have accredited international student programs for sports students mean that we’re able to offer over 1500 different pathways to thousands of colleges in the US.
We currently have over 300 students studying and playing sports at American colleges, and over 85% of students on our placements end up completing their degrees.

If you’d like to join them by choosing to study in the USA, we have the experience and expertise required to give you the very best chance of success in your application. We provide sports scholarships in the US for a number of major sports including Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Hockey & Baseball.
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Why IAM 360?

At IAM 360 we provide a new pathway for student-athletes to further their potential, academically and athletically at a well-established US college. IAM 360 provides the perfect balance by giving your child the best environment to advance their sport, along with achieving a high level in education, that will help create an invaluable platform for their future. IAM 360 aims to unite a passion for sport and education in one perfect setting.

For 12 years IAM 360 has provided over 5000 pathways to US colleges.

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