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"Finding the right path is not easy. It’s not easy to breakout of the system and find a way to outperform, to strive for better, to create opportunity. When we’re young it’s the paths we take that often determine the destination.

It may feel like a leap of faith to choose the right path, but if the path is safe and proven then it’s not that much of a leap to give your talent that extra chance."
- Marco Maisano (CEO)

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Tom Hanslow

Sport and fitness has always played a large part in my life. In my high school years I competed as a 400 and 800 metre track athlete and was an active member at Box Hill athletics club for 7 years. I now continue to remain active through involvement in my local CrossFit in order to help me be a fit and energetic father to my 3 primary aged children.

I see the potential that the College opportunity provides Australian students today, and only wish the opportunity had been presented to my parents and myself in my high school years. I am now excited to be helping others take hold of this opportunity through partnering with IAM 360 in helping students find the best fit that will provide a life changing experience for them through both their sporting and academic pursuits.

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Darryll Hollamby

Having been through the IAM 360 program to help obtain a sports scholarship to study and play hockey in the United States for my daughter, I can attest to the formula that Marco and his team has developed.

As with every parent, we wanted to provide as many opportunities as possible for our child to succeed – and by that, I mean to succeed with themselves, and success comes in many forms.

I started playing hockey over 40 years ago, and still enjoy both playing and watching all levels of the sport.  I’ve coached school grade teams, been on club committees and played a small part in getting our national men’s’ team to two Olympic Games in 2012 & 2016.

I also have close links to both junior rugby league and other school sports with the aid of family members and friends.

I believe that what IAM 360 can assist with obtaining access to study in North America, can open not only a young adult’s eyes to the world around them, but doors to future opportunities that would only be a dream otherwise.

Together with IAM 360, I want to help as many young adults to obtain those opportunities and turn them into real-life achievements.

Sinisa Cohadzic

In my younger years, I was one of the top tennis players in Serbia. At the age of 16 I came to Australia to try and make it on the pro circuit but because Tennis is an expensive sport and lot of money is needed to be invested I gave up the sport to play Football.

Luckily, I was half decent player so I played in the Second Professional division in Serbia and couple of more clubs along the way in Serbia, Poland and Australia. Doing all that I never put emphasis on school. I always thought I would make it on the big stage.

That was a big mistake because at the age of 23 when I got injured and realised that I need to find a job to support my life and pay living expenses I found myself in a situation where I could only be a factory worker and earn money the hard way.

Now that I am older I always go back and think how good would have been if I had an opportunity to go to a country like USA and try play the sport I love and in the same time study so I can be prepared for life in front of me.

Now that I have finished my Football Pro Diploma and have Business Management Degree I am able to do much more, but one thing I regret is that I could have done all this much earlier.

This is why I have joined IAM 360 to be able to help kids, give them advice and opportunity in life to be secure and be prepared for life in front of them.

Roy Skillen

I grew up in Liverpool England with a mad passion for the mighty reds. It was my dream to one day pull on the famous jersey and have the fans sing my name. But despite showing early promise I wasn’t willing to do what it takes to get as far as I could go. I have since been coaching in Australia and for ten years all the time preaching the message, if you work hard enough chasing your dream you never know what adventures you might end up on. Unfortunately I have been stuck at times when trying to map out to parents and kids a clear direction that their soccer adventure could take.

I recently came across IAM 360 and was excited not only by the opportunity that they can offer kids in terms of a planned-out pathway to play soccer at an extremely high level in America but also how this coincides with and puts a big emphasis on the continuation of their education. I am very excited to become a part of the IAM 360 team and look forward to playing a big part in making many dreams come true in the near future.

Tim Butterfield

My name is Tim Butterfield, I am a former professional football player and now a passionate talent agent proudly representing IAM 360.

I was born and raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Also known as the Steel City and the home of football. Sheffield F.C. founded in 1857 is officially recognized as the oldest football club in the world. I was a smart kid at school with the intention of being the first in my immediate family to attend
university, however I was also a decent football player. I had been in the Sheffield United School ofexcellence program since the age of 11. I left school at the age of 16 to pursue a football career afterbeing offered a two-year apprenticeship.

My dream of becoming a professional football player was subsequently realised at the age of 18 when I signed an initial one-year contract which was later extended for a further year. At this time the idea of attending a college in the US wasn’t even on my radar and when the opportunity did finally present itself it was no longer an option having already been a paid

After 11 years at my hometown club, the club I supported, the club my mates supported, I was given the news that I would be released on a free transfer at the ripe old age of 21, it felt like the message was delivered in less than a heartbeat. Your world temporarily falls apart and you soon realise that you have little education and no qualifications to fall back on. My former team mates who chose the US college pathway all say that it was an amazing experience and with the benefit of Harry Hindsight it would be easy for me to say that I wish I’d have taken a similar path, however the reality is I wouldn’t change a thing but life decisions do come at a price, thousands of dollars and 12 years of part-time study whilst working full-time to obtain what a US
college education could have provided me in 3 or 4 years.

I personally know that education combined with participation in sport can change the course of your life, it definitely changed my life and continues to be a gift that keeps giving. It has provided me with countless opportunities and some of my most memorable experiences but more importantly has
introduced me to the people who are now my family and the people who I call my friends. I can’t wait to open up your world of possibilities and to potentially change your life forever.

Markus Beuke

I am a former Australian Representative youth soccer player who started his playing career in soccer proud Germany when I was five years old.

Sports and specifically soccer came naturally for me and I excelled in a variety of sports including track and field, with my highlight in my early youth, representing Western Australia (WA) in soccer in 1984 and 1985 and being selected to represent Australia touring the UK in 1985-86.

Soccer has always played a major part of my life even when working on Cruise ships, making time to play local teams whenever possible in a new port.

Apart from still playing, my recent involvement has also turned to junior and youth coaching, having coached a local Perth premier club junior and youth team to first and second placed rankings in their top league competitions.

Now located in sunny Broome, I lead the local Broome Soccer Association U15 squad to present themselves at the WA country week soccer championship, with three payers being selected for WA country youth honours.

I coached and mentored my son and daughter through the IAM360 program with my son currently playing college soccer in the US and recently getting selected to trial with a club in Spain.

I am passionate about remote country kids getting the same opportunities as city kids,  therefore I am also coaching and mentoring other local players through the IAM360 program and encourage any parents, kids and families to get to know about the opportunities available.

I am excited for more.

Tracey Clark

When I saw the opportunity to join the IAM360 team I knew I had to be part of it. I have been through the program as a parent with 2 of my sons, 1 of which who has recently graduated from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa. I am excited and privileged to be part of other talented athlete’s journeys to further their education while playing the sport they are passionate about.

I have run a successful business for the last 15 years in Central Queensland and am heavily involved in our local soccer club holding a committee position for many years. Living in a more rural area often limits athlete’s opportunities, that’s why I believe that the IAM360 pathway gives all student athletes a level playing field. As a parent I know the feeling of wanting to give your child every opportunity available to them and I am hoping that I can set more young
athletes on a journey to further their education while playing sport in the USA with the IAM360 pathway.

Andrew Leary

I have been teaching High School students for about 20 years. This includes helping HSC students to be ready for University studies. Recently, I have taken on the Head of Senior Sport role at my current school.

I have enjoyed playing and coaching sport for a long time now. Recently I have been improving my knowledge of general Sport Coaching through University post-graduate study and taking golf coaching courses offered by the Titleist Performance Institute (, where I have reached the highest level (Level 3) in both Golf (Biomechanics) and Juniors (Athletic Development). I have also reached Level 2 in Fitness. I have coached High School Basketball teams for about 8 years.

I would like to combine two of my passions and help student athletes access sporting opportunities and College/ University studies in the US.