Every student is a little bit different based on what they bring to the table. How good are your grades? How good are you athletically if you are an athlete? How talented are you as an artist? Whether that is a performing artist or a visual artist, or any kind of artist. A lot of factors and a lot of things go into how many offers you will or should receive.

When it comes to looking at overseas options, you don’t know much about the US system. The best rule of thumb when it comes to offers from schools in North America is that it is more about quality than quantity. You would be far better off to have one, two, or three great options that compliment you in every way than having 15 options where some of them are okay, some of them are a bit off, and some of them you don’t know.

When we deliver offers and opportunities to our IAM360 students, it is because a lot of care and preparation has gone into where we are actually sharing the student’s information, so that if an offer does come back as a result of the promotion that we are doing, it is an opportunity that is very, very catered to that particular student’s academic interests and abilities, their extracurricular interests and abilities. There should not be a need for an abundance of options if the options that you are presented compliment you incredibly well. The more offers you receive the more people you have to let down as well.         

If that care has not gone into the preparation of a student’s materials, a plan in terms of where that information is distributed, to go out and find the right result based on that student’s academic interests, academic abilities, extracurricular interests and abilities, as well as that family’s budget, and if it’s just a case of 10 schools that all look like good options are presented to you then best of luck, trying to decide which one to go to. We have not actually helped you in any way then. Just presenting you with the names of 15 different schools, for instance, and the contact details for each,  you have to first find time to communicate with all 15 of those to do research to determine which of the ones are most suitable. Then you need to decide which is the most affordable and most realistic, and then navigate the application and ambition and visa processes and all that. If we are just delivering a bunch of different options for you and leaving you to do the research to figure out which one is the most suitable, how are we actually helping you?

As opposed to looking at it the way that we do it, quality over quantity! Every student will receive at the very least one great option. Most of our students will receive two, three, maybe four different options from different kinds of schools that allow them to study what they want, participate in the extra-curriculars that they are interested in, that are all going to be affordable. So that then when it comes to the research and the time that you and your family have to put into it to determine which ones are right, you already know that all four of them are great. It is just about figuring out which one gives you the best feeling inside. Which departments and which people do you connect with the most? Which school of those one, two, three, four different options makes you feel the most excited about you taking that step and heading overseas?

You have then got far less to think about, far less to do, and you know that all the while, any option that you would have chosen in those one, two, three, four different options could have been a great option,  because they are all suitable. So again, how many offers will or should you receive? The answer to that question will be different for everyone, but guaranteed, everyone will at least receive one. In terms of what everyone should receive, it should be two, three, four, maybe five. That is pretty realistic because any more that, you are back to square one and then where do you start?

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