People often ask where we send our students and student athletes? What schools do we send them to? What schools do we have partnerships or affiliations with?

IAM 360 does not have any affiliations with any particular schools in the United States. We are a 100% independent entity that provides promotional services to students based on their own merit, which means that we really can approach and get a student into any school in the United States or Canada. The only limiting factor is the student themselves and what they bring to the table. We cannot get somebody into Harvard that is not a Harvard calibre student/athlete/family. You need to be a straight A student from the time that you can breathe. You need to have nearly a perfect SAT score. Even then, you only have a 2% chance of being admitted. These are the requirements academically just to be considered, not to be admitted.

A student cannot join our program and then just choose which school they want to go to. Our job is to look at what you bring to the table, in both your academic interests, as well as your academic abilities. If there are extracurricular interests involved in that, those have to be taken into account, Sport/art. Budget has to be taken into account. All of those are independent variables that will determine where we send the students information to, to be able to achieve the result that that family is hoping to have, which is an opportunity that allows their child or you, the student, to study what you want, to either compete as an athlete at the appropriate standard for you and your abilities. The same applies to performing and visual arts. Be involved in extracurriculars in the arts at a level that is appropriate for your skill and your attributes, and to do all of that at a cost that is affordable to a family.

We can send students to any school in the United States, as long as the schools that we are approaching and the schools that that student is communicating with are appropriate based on what that student brings to the table with all those independent variables. There are no limitations other than the student themselves. We literally have students in nearly every single state across the United States, as well as students in Canada. We have got students competing and participating across all divisions, in all competitions throughout the United States. We have got students in all different types of institutions, two-year, four year, university, big, small, religious, private, public.

It is all about finding the right school for each individual student that we are working with. There is a lot of time, energy and effort and care that goes into preparing each individual student’s promotional process. It is not a case of just fire profiles out into the universe and just hope that the right school comes back. No, it is being able to look at and understand the possibilities prior to even starting the process. Once the process starts, it is a continuous push in the right direction to achieve the right result for each individual student.

Opportunities can come from anywhere. As long as it is a great opportunity that allows you to study what you are interested in studying, participate in the extracurriculars that you are interested in at the correct standard and the appropriate level of participation that the student wants and desires, then that student is able to qualify for different forms of financial aid that make it affordable for at least one year of study and be sustainable. We do not just place a student there for one year at a cost that works but allows them to stay there over the course of their education at a very affordable and sustainable financial outlay.
Where college offers come from depends on you. It depends on what sport you play if you are an athlete. It depends on what artistic discipline that you are involved in, whether you are a performing artist or a dancer, a musician, or visual art with drawing, painting or sculpting. It comes down to the budget that you and your family have, to personal preferences, to how academic you actually are and where you can qualify for more scholarships and more opportunities, as well as all those other independent variables that come into play.

Even once we look at all those different independent attributes that determine where we can send your information to, it is still not us that decides who feels that you are an attractive recruit or an attractive candidate for their institution. If you are an athlete, college coaches will decide. If you are a general student, academic recruiters will decide. Performing arts departments, activity heads, and head of art departments will decide, if you are an artist. There is only so much that we, as an organization can do. The final decision of who feels that you are the right fit for their institution comes directly from someone from that institution based on their needs and what they are looking for.

We do not have any affiliations or any partnerships. We do not have anything limiting us in terms of the schools that we can look at, where we can send the student’s information and where students can go, aside from the students and families themselves. There are so many different types of institutions with all different sorts of possibilities and they are all in play. Nothing limits you in terms of where you can receive offers from other than you, yourself, your academic abilities, your extracurricular, and who on the other side believes that you will be a great addition to their student or athletic or artistic community.

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