Swimming Scholarships in USA

If you’re a young person from Australia or New Zealand and you’re aspiring to become a professional swimmer, there are plenty of great opportunities available to you. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the best opportunities, facilities and coaches are to be found elsewhere in the world – notably in the United States.

With such great investment in the sport, and with world-class facilities at the disposal of American student-athletes, it really is no wonder that the United States has produced some of the world’s greatest and most notable swimmers.


Why Swimming Scholarships in USA

American colleges are open to applicants from around the world, and many actively encourage athletes of all levels and backgrounds to apply for their international scholarships. By embarking on swimming scholarships to the US, prospective professional swimmers set themselves up with the best possible chance of forging a successful career in their chosen sport.

With access to the best training facilities, and with networking opportunities with those who have already established successful careers in the industry, international students on swimming scholarships in the USA can gain experiences, skills and contacts that they simply would not be able to gain anywhere else in the world.


Swimming Scholarships With IAM 360

Many young people from Australia and New Zealand who dream of becoming professional swimmers assume that swimming scholarships in the USA are out of their reach. But with the help of IAM 360, this doesn’t have to be the case. With over 11 years of experience helping aspiring student-athletes from Australia and New Zealand secure international swimming scholarships in the USA, we have the experience and expertise needed to turn your dream into a reality.

We currently have created over 5,000 pathways for students from Australia and New Zealand who wish to complete various sports scholarships in the USA, and over 80% of students we’ve previously sent on scholarships have ended up completing their degrees and earning the prestigious title of a US college student-athlete.


Personalised Approach

At IAM 360, we have built strong working relationships with established professionals and institutions in the United States, and as a result, we can match you with colleges and programs that are well fitted to your particular skills, values and motivations. This not only gives you the best chance of success in your application but also provides the best chance that you’ll thrive on your course in the event that you do secure a place.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and at all levels – not just elites. So regardless of your current level, your particular aspirations, or your family’s budget, we can work with you to find the perfect swimming scholarship.

Contact us today to learn more about Study in the US and kick-start your career as a professional swimmer.

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