How to Get an NCAA Division 1 Scholarship

There are multiple different pathways into the NCAA. If you are looking for a scholarship in the NCAA D1 then you need to figure out what the best pathway for you is based on what you bring to the table.

You don’t just get a scholarship to an NCAA division 1 school because you want one, you don’t get one because your parents know the coach, or your coach in your home country knows the coach in the US.

You earn one. So, we mentioned the different pathways one can take to get to the NCAA division 1.

We will start with the first one. If you are heading to the NCAA division 1 in your freshman year, how do you receive a scholarship?

So, Internationals that have opportunities in the NCAA in their first year are one of two things. Or both things really.

  • They are super talented athletically with incredible athletic history. Athletes coming from professional soccer academies, Basketballers playing for their countries, golfers with handicaps well below scratch (males).

Okay so what is the reason you see these guys and girls as freshman going to the NCAA division 1?

Well they are the best. We can guarantee all these guys and girls don’t have huge budgets financially, some may, but most will not. So, if they were all paying full costs for the institution there wouldn’t be nearly that many internationals in the NCAA division 1. But thanks to scholarships there are.

Coaches want to win national championships. They bring in the best athletes not only from the US but also the world. Which is what they do, and they scholarship these guys and girls. So heading into the NCAA D1 with incredible athletic history is a way to be scholarshiped.

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