How to Get Into the College of Your Choice

So how will this work. Let’s say you have a few schools that you want to go to. How to do you make sure that you can and will be admitted into one of these schools?

Well first off, I hope you determined what schools you want to go and compete in whilst you were in year 9 or 10 at the latest. Because it may not work if you have specific schools in mind when you are in year 12 or later. By that stage, its essentially out of your hands.

So, in the US, the majority of student athletes wishing to compete in college will be doing this in year 9 or even below. That is, deciding where they want to go or what division they want to compete in. So why do you need to know early where you want to go? Why can’t it be year 11 or 12 when I decide where I want to go?

Essentially, when high school starts, that’s when your college eligibility starts. Everything that you do from year 9 onwards is what counts to your college eligibility. This is hard for internationals to understand because no one knows where or even if they want to go to University after high school. Well in the US, they do know. We know. From an even earlier age we know that we are going to college. That’s in our culture. So, if you want to come to our country and go to a particular school, or division, you need to do exactly the same as what we do. That is, prepare earlier. So, you need to start mapping out your academics early on. We will start with that then move into
the athletic side of things.

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