Why Having A Balance is Impossible

Everyone wants a balance. “I Want a great Academic institution with a fantastic sports program, that is within my budget within the area I want to go. I want there to be a really good balance of all of these.”

Now we will talk about balance. If you want everything to match up perfectly, something has to give. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you don’t have any preferences in terms of location, and you are the perfect student and the best athlete.  You can maybe find the perfect balance then, as you can find opportunities that suit all criteria.

Lets just give a quick definition of what the word means and how people use the term when talking about the college system and their opportunities.

Balance – an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

So, when people say they want a balance when it comes to their college opportunities, they want everything to be even par basically. The key here is not to have balance. You don’t want a balance because you are bringing with you different ‘levels’ of each variable. For example, you’re a perfect student, but an average athlete, with a huge budget and specific preferences on location.

You don’t want a balance. You want each of these ‘attributes’, we will say, to be complimented. If you want to balance them out, then something just has to give. If you are a great student and you want the best schools academically but you want a balance with your sport….Remember you are only an average athlete. If you want that balance, and you want to compete in your sport, you will more than likely have to go to a smaller school to begin with, or a junior college to try and get game time – 2 year schools.

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