Why Your College Preferences Are Not Really Your Preferences

Your College preferences are obviously important to us and depending on what those preferences are may be more important than others. For example, religious preferences may come over preferences on location or area of the country.

Now it’s a little different between here in Australia and NZ and the US. Let’s explain what we mean by this. Now in the US If you are a general student it works pretty much the same as Uni here in Australia an NZ. You have your ATAR Score, or your OP score, you have your high school results and classes and you pick your course and also you will have your preferences on Unis. You probably only have a couple that you are applying for.

It’s the same in the US if you are a general student except probably on a larger scale. It’s common for people to move away from home, like far away from home. So, with the 2500 or more institutions across the US, you can and will apply for more than you would here. 64 universities in total in AUS, so that’s what I mean by “on a larger scale” chances are you aren’t applying for too many schools here.

So, when we are speaking about ‘preferences’ its similar in a sense between here and there, but it’s not really.
You have your choices in schools, you apply to those schools based on high school achievement and what you want to study, then you get into some of those schools, you don’t get into some of those schools and then you pick your school.

Its good to have preferences. What we suggest it to not go over the top with your preferences. Try and limit it to areas of the country. But even then, why limit yourself at all?

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