What To do During the Summer break

One of the options that internationals have over the summer break is to Come home, work, see the family, save up a bit of money. That is certainly an option and something you can do. Our advice, do it once, maybe as a bit of a refresher. Sorry mum’s and dad’s but our advice to the athletes is stay. Soak it up, see as much as you can while you can.

So, what are some of the other things you can do over the summer break?

Do a bit of travelling. Whether is be just down the road, or fly somewhere, you are near Canada and maybe Mexico. Its relatively cheap to Fly anywhere in the US. You have three months essentially to do what you want. Go see the country. Go stay with an American friend.

The fourth of July is in the summer. You need to stay for the fourth of July and let off some fireworks. But travel, enjoy yourself, see different parts of the US. Bus tickets are cheap, jump on a greyhound.

So the obvious one Is obviously travel. Over the summer you can also go to a few pro games. So, the MLB is being played as well as the MLS. Baseball and Soccer. Go experience a baseball game. Americas Pastime. Baseball. Get out to a ball game. You won’t regret it. The MLS is huge now as well. Packed stadiums, ridiculous noise levels and the standard is high as well.

So apart from the obvious ones, the summer break is a great time for athletes to continue playing their sport. There are a number of summer leagues that you can participate in. With different standards and levels of play.

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