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Are You Looking for a Basketball Scholarship in the USA?

For basketballers that have a passion for the game and also want to secure a world-class education, there is arguably no better opportunity on earth than that of a US college basketball student-athlete. With over 10 years experience placing Australian and New Zealand athletes at US College, IAM 360’s team of ex-US college athletes can help you secure an excellent basketball scholarship.

So if you’re an aspiring student-athlete from Australia or New Zealand, and basketball is your sport of choice, basketball scholarships in the USA are the ultimate prizes to be won. Not only do they give you access to some of the world’s best facilities and provide you with opportunities to network with players and coaches already established in the industry, but they also bring you right to the centre of the basketball world – allowing you to develop and hone your skills in a passionate and exciting environment for the sport.
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Basketball Scholarships in the USA Are Now a Reality

The process of finding the right basketball scholarship for you, and in turn making a strong and professional application, can be challenging and longwinded. And for the very same reasons that the US collegiate system is extremely desirable to aspiring basketball students, it is also extremely competitive. The US is home to some of the very best and most talented young basketball athletes in the entire world, so it isn’t easy to earn a scholarship there. But with the right help and guidance, it can be done. Here at IAM 360, we have over 11 years of experience at helping young athletes from across Australia and New Zealand gain access to American college scholarships in their chosen sports, and over 5,000 pathways have been created by our team to date.

Are You Eligible for a Basketball Scholarship in the USA?

Regardless of your current level, your individual values and motivations, or your family’s budget, we can provide the assistance you need to secure a place on your ideal course. The basketball college recruiting process is thorough and challenging, but with our help, you can build an athletic profile and create video footage that will make you stand out from the crowd. We’ll also be able to communicate with elite coaches thanks to our well-established connections with existing professionals and institutions. The result is our being able to guarantee you the highest possible chance of success in your application for basketball scholarships in the USA.

Basketball Scholarships That Suit You

At IAM 360, we match you to American colleges that suit your skills and values, ensuring not just that your chances of success are high, but also that the likelihood of you succeeding and thriving once you start the course is great.

We’ve already sent hundreds of Australian and New Zealand student-athletes on basketball scholarships in the USA, and there’s no reason you can’t be our next success story.

Access the Best Basketball Scholarships in the USA

Basketball is arguably the most popular sport in the USA and its international popularity continues to surge with the ever-increasing quality of the NBA and other international leagues. Australia has produced a high number of terrific basketball players over the years, many of them launching their career with the best basketball scholarships the USA has to offer.

Gaining access to one of those coveted USA basketball scholarships is no easy task. There is a lot to consider and prospective candidates must prepare meticulously. Here’s a closer look at why when it comes to basketball scholarships America is leading the way, and how IAM 360 helps students to gain access to those programmes.

A Leader in USA Basketball Scholarships

The USA is unparalleled in terms of its infrastructure and passion for basketball. Students at high schools, universities and colleges enjoy incredible access to the best coaches and opportunities – a key reason why the USA produces some of the finest basketball players.

By enrolling on scholarships, those students are able to blend together a strong academic career with an immense leap into the world of basketball.

Of course, enrolling on these courses is no easy task at all. Here’s a closer look at why students trust in IAM 360 and why we have achieved success for over 5,000 students to date.

A Simple Three-Step Process to Get Basketball Scholarships in USA

The secret to the success of our approach lies in a simple three-step process that we adopt. This ensures that each student is guided through the process perfectly, helping them to find and secure the correct programme while getting the most from it. Here’s a closer look at that process.


We begin the process by carefully assessing your abilities and digging deeper into the appropriate options that are available to you. Our knowledge of the various scholarship programmes out there is unparalleled, and we have cultivated close ties with those programme leaders over the years. We are thorough and accurate here, making sure that we only recommend the best fit for you.


Now that we have a shortlist of the most appropriate programmes, our team will help you to fill out a show-stopping application that ticks all of the right boxes and gives you the best chance of success. We can call upon our broad range of experience here and make sure that you have the best experience possible. We have a high success rate with our students, and we hope to secure the same for you!


Once the applications have been dispatched and you have been enrolled on a programme, we don’t stop there. It’s our pleasure to continue supporting you through a vast and supportive network that answers your questions and helps you to get the most from your experience.

If you would like to get started with us, be sure to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to help you launch your application process and enjoy an amazing entrance into the exciting world of basketball.

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For 12 years IAM 360 has provided over 5000 pathways to US colleges.

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