Why Junior College May be the Best Option for You

As we move through this episode try to determine whether or not you fall into one of these categories. As we touch on different topics and make different points see if you can relate to it, because Junior College may very well be the best pathway for you and you just don’t know it or realize it yet. We will start first and foremost with academics. Obviously a very important component of this pathway. We will say it over and over again, you are a student before athlete.

Now, if you are out there listening and you are on B’s and C’s or lower grades in high school. Or you have a lower or failing SAT score, or you don’t sit the SAT at all, then Junior College may very well be the best pathway for you. Now with a lower or failing SAT that doesn’t mean Junior college is ‘lower’ or ‘worse’ than four-year colleges and universities when it comes to academics. So please don’t get confused.

We will put it this way first. If you aren’t passing classes in the US, you won’t be competing, or training. You will be in the library studying. Why would you want to put yourself at risk of not competing or failing classes if you aren’t a great student as it is coming out of high school.

The Junior College system is used as a stepping stone even for American student athletes that may not be the best students. Junior Colleges are smaller in student population meaning class sizes are smaller. Really between 15 to 30 students to a class. More one on one time with teachers. Essentially, it’s a lot easier to adjust to full time study, full time sport and travel, and being away from home and it is easier to pass classes because of all of the support you have.

Now, athletically, If you want to go in and compete straight away, or at least give yourself the best chance to go in and compete straight away as a freshman. Maybe Junior College is the best pathway for you.

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