Take notes on everything-


Split your notebook up into topics; aim to write clear and concise notes that will hope you in the long run.





Review notes on a regular basis


Make an effort on a weekly basis to read over your notes from the week and possibly complete a question review at the end of the chapter. This will ensure that you remain on top of the subject study, benefiting you during your exam period.



Set Goals


Set goals at the beginning of each semester to ensure that one stays motivated throughout the semester! Write these goals down and have them in a visible place, that you will see them every day.


Understand the method in which you learn


Don’t spend countless sleepless nights studying for your exams, study smarter, not harder. Learn about the best way that you take in information. Are you a visual, audio, written or a practical learner?

It is up to you during the semester to find this out if you don’t already know, so as to ensure that your study period is productive, not stressful!