5 Reasons Why People Fail to Find College Scholarships

There are obviously lots of different reasons as to why people would fail going at this alone. Its certainly no easy task. I guess if you look at it on a very basic level it may seem easy. You Speak to a few coaches, send them video footage, receive an offer and away you go. Simple right?

Now if it were that easy, we certainly wouldn’t exist as a company because everyone would be doing it on their own. Now look, there are certainly people who go it alone and are fine. They get through everything they need, and they make it to the US. However, you would be surprised with the number of athletes worldwide, that would be in the tens of thousands, that start the process, and never go. Which is what we will touch on.


The first reason, And again, these are the reasons that we believe stop the most people from turning opportunities into plane tickets to the US, or the main reasons as to why people fail when going it alone. People really underestimate the amount of time and money that it takes to find even one suitable opportunity. This is no over night task. Depending on who you are, the type of student athlete you are, your financial capabilities, how much knowledge you have of the system etc. its going to be different for everyone.

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