The One US College International Students Should Never Attend

In episode 46 we speak about US Colleges that international students and student athletes shouldn’t attend. There are various reasons as to why one shouldn’t attend a particular US College and we talk through them all. From costs being too high to coaches not recruiting athletes in your position and more.

One of the main hurdles with the college recruitment process and probably the final, be all end all with a particular school is costs. If the school is not going to be affordable then it is not going to be a school that you should attend. After crunching numbers and determining a budget and your financial capabilities, if it is not going to work then it is not going to work. It is too risky, and it may eventuate in you coming home or struggling to make payments, which of course can get pretty ugly.

You do not want to go to a school where the coach doesn’t want you. No matter how much you may want to go to a particular school, if you want to go there more than the coaching staff want you, then you probably shouldn’t go there. You won’t enjoy your time, you wont play/compete as much as you would like and it won’t end well. If the coaching staff is not willing to get costs down to a range that is going to work, then you don’t want to go there.

Even if costs are affordable, let’s say costs are very affordable without athletic scholarship, and you receive other forms of scholarship, if the coaching staff do not want to bring you on, or they aren’t recruiting someone in your position, then look, you don’t want
to go there. We have a lot of kids that want to go to particular schools, and divisions but, unfortunately its not your choice where you go or where you get offers from.

In the States, when you are a student athlete, you don’t make the decision, the coaching staff does.

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