Why You Should Never Take Advice From Your Coach

In this weeks episode (Episode 47) we speak about advice that coaches are giving athletes here in Australia and NZ about the US Collegiate system. Athletes are confused with the information that is being given to them about the pathway and, at times, it causes more harm than it does good. We talk about potential red flags and what you should do with the information you are being given.

Now don’t get us wrong there are plenty of coaches that are giving athletes great information, it just may not be complete. If you listened to our episode where we spoke about careers advisers (Episode 41) and the information they were giving students, then you will understand. A lot of the information they give is correct, its just not all the information.

  1. There are coaches that have taken this pathway themselves and have experience in the US. A lot of the time the information they will give you is purely based on their own experience.
  2. There are coaches that are American that coach here in Australia. Most of the time the information they will give is based on their experience as an American going through the process.
  3. There are coaches that know athletes that have gone over to the US. When they share information its almost like an opinion. “This is what John did so this I what you will have to do”
  4. There are coaches that don’t really have any idea but will still share information with you. Sometimes there could be an ego thing here. Someone asks you something about your sport no matter what it is you want to seem like you know it. If a kid asks you something about the US you may only know a little amount, but that’s what they will share with the kids.

There are other coaches with different opinions and backgrounds but what we are saying here is the information is never consistent. The information coaches are passing on is all based on personal experience. Its not based on 12 years of research and working in the job, placing athletes, understanding the ins and outs of college recruitment.

To find out why you shouldn’t take advice from your coach about the US system please Click the buttons below and listen to this Podcast Episode or read through the shownotes.

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