How to Ask For A Sports Scholarship

How to ask the coach for a sports scholarship….First off, should you be asking for a scholarship from the coach in the first place?

Now it depends when you are asking. Because there is a point in time when you can have a conversation with the coach about increasing scholarship. But again, you want to tread carefully.

Hey coach, what will my scholarship be? Can I get a scholarship?” Are these the correct things to ask if I am speaking with a coach? No. The way you ask for a scholarship, is by showing the coach you deserve a scholarship. Ask through actions.

You want to make the coach question themselves… “Should I give this athlete a scholarship?” If you prove yourself athletically, if you can show that you deserve one, then you don’t need to ask for a scholarship.

Asking for scholarship is the equivalent of just asking someone for money…Maybe slightly different but not by much. That doesn’t always go down so well or look so good. You want to prove yourself and show a coach that you deserve one. That is how you ask.

Now this is for both freshman and new athletes as well as athletes that are in college trying to increase scholarship. We will talk about that in a later section of the podcast. But after this we will talk about how you can show you deserve a scholarship. Instead of having to ask for one. Asking for one doesn’t look good. You want to make the coach ask themselves the question through your actions.

So how can you show a coach that you deserve a scholarship before heading over?

Firstly, put yourself in the coach’s shoes. Recruiting an athlete from the other side of the world and giving them scholarship. That mean:

  • You, getting a scholarship, over other athletes that they are recruiting
  • You, getting a scholarship, over other athletes that may have already been there for a year, two years or more.

It is a bit of a risk. Spending a large portion of their budget on an unproven international. They don’t know how they will adjust with being away from home, with settling in socially, with juggling school and full-time sport etc. You my pack it in and go home. They can’t stop you. So, what we are saying is that it is just harder to show as a first-year student athlete.

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