How Much Time Do You Need to Find A Scholarship?

In Episode 44 we talk about time. How much time do you need to realistically get yourself to the states, to a school that suits your academic needs and abilities, that suits your athletic abilities and most importantly a school that is affordable

It can never be too early to begin the college recruitment process but it can certainly be too late. We will give you a break down of the process and how long each component of the process can take. We also give you an idea of the minimum amount of time we need to help student athletes and the minimum amount of time you will need if you are going it alone.

Obviously, the more time you have the more options you will have, the more scholarships you may receive, the more eligible you may be. So, starting earlier is important.

As an international looking at options in the US, time is the most important component. It can never be too early to start but it can certainly be too late

Why is it so important to give yourself this amount of time? Here are 7 key reasons:

  1. If you don’t give yourself enough time Coaches will have their rosters full. Coaches are recruiting kids from an early age. Year 9 and sometimes even below. The longer you wait, the less likely there is to be a spot on the roster for you.
  2. Similar to roster spots being taken up, Scholarships are taken up. If they have filled their roster spots, then we can assure you they have spent all their money and given out all their scholarships.
  3. Admissions deadlines may have passed. The longer you wait the more schools have closed off their admissions department. You need to be very cautious of these dates and deadlines.
  4. You will have no time or less time to improve your grades. If you start in year 12 for example, then you really have no time to improve your grades. Even starting in year 11 makes it difficult.
  5. No time to change subjects. Subject selection is important, and this usually happens in year 10. Or year 11 in NZ. If you want to remain eligible for every division you need to pick the right subjects.
  6. No time to save money. This is super important. The longer you wait to put money aside, the less likely you are going to be able to afford it. Because it isn’t free. Even if you get a scholarship you still need to plan and budget. The earlier you put money aside the easier it will be.
  7. No time to study, plan and sit the SAT/ACT exam. Less time to prepare for these exams means the results may not be where they need to be. Give yourself more time and you will be able to better prepare yourself.

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