Why the Full Scholarship Doesn’t Exist

In Episode 57 we talk about the Full scholarship. Full scholarships are very hard to come by, and even if one is received, there are still plenty of costs that need to be covered. We talk about average costs with and without scholarship, partial scholarships and the difference between head count sports and equivalency sport.

First and foremost, Full scholarships do exist. But they exist like Bigfoot exists. He is out there somewhere. He makes a noise every now and then but its very rare you get a glimpse of him.

But to receive a full scholarship in any way, you need to be the best. You need to be the best student and or the best athlete. Are you going to get a full scholarship if you are a state league soccer player, or a local league Basketballer. No. You wont. Can you get a partial scholarship? A lot more likely.

If you want a full scholarship in your first year, you had better be playing for your country or at a super high standard before going to the US. You will see people on larger scholarships from Australia in sports where we are more dominant. Field hockey, Swimming, Rowers etc. Australia is not the first place in the world coaches are going to be looking for Soccer players, or Basketballers, or Ice Hockey players.

If they are going to give a full scholarship to an athlete in Soccer, they are going to go to Spain first, Brazil, the best countries in the world for that sport. Find the best there and Scholarship them. Basketball, well the US is the first stop. Ice Hockey, Canada, Russia and the US. You need to understand where you are competing not only in your own country but in the world.

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