How Do You Know If you are ready to apply for a scholarship?

In episode 48 we talk about timing. More specifically, how do you know if/when you are ready to apply for a college scholarship in the USA. That is the big question. If you were waiting to be ready, or for that light bulb moment then it will probably never happen for you. At the end of the day its not about jumping on a plane and going it’s about giving yourself the option to choose if you want to go. In this episode we separate ‘Wanting to go to the US’ and ‘Giving yourself the opportunity to go’.

Our job is not to put students on planes and send them to the US.

Our job is to give you the option to go to the US. The option to decide whether or not you want to go to the US.

You can’t decide you want to go to the US before even getting offers or opportunities and starting the process.

If you were waiting for that moment in time, like a little lightbulb moment that says yep time to go. Then you will be waiting forever. A lot of the time people will try and start the process when they are ready to go. Not when they are ready to apply and start searching, but when they are ready to leave.

If you listen back to episode 44, how much time do you need to find a scholarship, you can’t make this decision to start after high school. There just is not enough time if you are going it alone.

There is a massive difference in going to the US and receiving an offer or an opportunity. A huge difference.

Getting an offer that is completely suitable for you, so, it fits academically, you fit in athletically and its affordable, that’s hard.

But it’s even harder to actually turn that offer into jumping on the plane and heading to the US. The easy part is getting the offer. The hard part is making it happen. So really, it’s not about deciding to go to the US its about deciding that you want to give yourself the option to go to the US.

So, How do you know if you are ready? just Click the buttons below and listen to this Podcast Episode or read through the shownotes.

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