7 Things to do When you Arrive in the US

There are a few things that will usually happen in your first week in the US. In this episode we are going to talk about what you can expect to happen in that first week or so and what you need to do.

Now usually the first thing that happens when you arrive on campus is you go and meet the coach. You will meet the coach in person, probably meet a few of your teammates, maybe go for a walk around campus etc. The coach will usually direct you to the housing department to go pick up keys to your room or they will direct you to your room.

You will probably then meet your roommates and begin moving whatever you have into your room. Usually, at this stage you will figure out what you may need to go and buy from target or Walmart, whether it be linen or toiletries, a bedside table etc. You talk with your roommates and figure out what they have so you don’t double up.

So, the first two basically meet the coach and maybe some other guys on the team. Go to your room and meet your roommates if they are there, move your stuff in and figure out what it is that you may need.

Best place to go and shop?

Walmart. Every time. As a college student you probably can’t afford to shop anywhere else. They literally have everything you can think of. Groceries? Electronics? Shoes? Spare car tyres? Optometrist? literally everything you can think of and its all cheap. So anything you need. Go to Walmart. You will be able to get furniture if needed, linen, toiletries and more.

Now the next thing is setting up a phone which you can also do at Walmart. You don’t have to do it at Walmart but they have phones, different plans, they can set you up on different telecommunications networks. Verizon, Sprint, AtnT, US Cellular whatever you want.

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