6 Reasons Why A Coach Will Give You A Scholarship

There are a number of reasons why coaches may give an athlete a sports scholarship. We are going to touch on 6 that we feel are probably the biggest determining factors. First, pretty plain and simple and self-explanatory but we will spend some time on it.

Coaches will pick athletes and scholarship them based on ability. If you are better than what a coach currently has, and they can see it and feel it, then you will receive a scholarship. If a coach can see you compete, whether it be through video footage or in person, or if they see your times ad results.

And they feel you are better than what they currently have, or better than other incoming freshman. A coach may very will give you a scholarship. Through footage they can compare you to current athletes in their squad and others they are recruiting.

Now just touching on this. Its something you don’t really think about. If you want a scholarship, like we just said, you have to be better than everyone in the current team. If you are playing team sports, and you are the best on the team are you going to enjoy your time?

If you are the best player, are you going to be happy? Will you be challenged? Because that is also something to think about….. You want to be somewhere where you aren’t the best and aren’t the worst. Well most people do anyways….because you will be challenged more.
That is number 1. Coaches give you a scholarship based on what they see and can compare.

The next one is attitude. We have touched on this one before in other episodes. Attitude is pretty much everything. What is your attitude toward the opportunity? How have you responded to emails? How have you writing your emails? All of this is very important.

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