5 Benefits of Graduating as a Student Athlete

There are many positive things that can come from graduating as a student athlete. 4 years of competing and studying towards a university degree on the other side of the world. The only thing I (Jacob) can think of that may be a negative, but its not really, is the fact that now you are always going to be homesick. Whether you live in the US, or live back in your home country. You have two homes. But it’s a good thing. Two places I can call home.

We will start with that one because it is a benefit. Two places two call home. Having lived in the US all my life then moving here to Australia I (Matt) am in the same boat. Yeah it is hard sometimes but to be able to say there are two places that I can call home is amazing. With different groups of friends and family and people I have met along the way.

I (Jacob) have friends and family in the US, more specifically Iowa and I could happily live there or here. Great feeling and it is certainly a benefit of graduating as a student athlete in the US. Now remember, these are in no particular order. They are all as equally important I would say. Or you may think one is more important than the other who knows. Second that we will talk about is Education. Obviously very important. But graduating from a University, and graduating from one on the other side of the world. But getting a bachelors degree. Potentially a Masters, doctorate, PHD whatever you want. That is something that you can be very proud of because its not easy and not everyone that starts graduates.

Getting a University degree can open up a number of doorways that you wouldn’t have opened without it. With a degree your employability rises, Your opportunity to study further increases, You can take your degree and secure jobs anywhere in the world (depending on the degree) But just touching on the, getting a degree from another country and your employability rises, that is even more true if you go back to your home country. If anything its going to get you five more minutes in an interview and it is something to stand out on a resume with.

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