For most people, being thrust into a new situation can be intimidating. It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by a new situation, new surroundings and new people. For those who are naturally quite shy, it can be even harder to adjust. We compiled a list of tips for those who find it hard to open up, to enable them to settle in faster.

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Be yourself. Any true new friends that you make will appreciate you for exactly who you are.

When you meet someone new, a great ice-breaker is to talk about things you’re passionate about. If you’re shy, this will evoke excitement and personality in your speaking.

When meeting someone new, ask them genuine questions about themselves. This makes you look truly interested in what they have to say, and will likely forge a bond.

Have confidence in the fact that there will be a lot of people at college who are in the exact same situation as you, looking to make friends straight away.

Whenever you need comfort, your friends and family back home are only a message or phone call away!

Remember that everyone is the ‘new kid’ sometimes, and it’s all something we have to experience. You will settle in and be having the time of your life before you know it!