Getting waitlisted for the SAT is something we all want to avoid. It is critical that you register for the SAT weeks in advance even before the registration cut-off as there is no guarantee that you will be able to sit at the location of your choice. This is why we highly recommend registering for the exam as soon as possible; make it a commitment and set any reminders to notify you to do so. By registering early, you will get first pick of test locations, ensuring that you will have a seat with your name on it come examination day.

The SAT is only administered a handful of times per year, which is why you want to get in as early as possible. Keep in mind; you are able to sit the exam more than once until you are satisfied with your score. This means, the more times you take it, the more familiar you’ll become with the format and the greater possibility of you feeling proud in submitting your results to the admissions department. By registering and taking the exam early, you will be able to gauge whether or not you’d like to sit it  second time and if you don’t stay on top of registration dates, you could miss your chance to redeem your yourself and your score.