Be bold, stand out and get noticed with NSR Australia’s advice…

With thousands of student athletes applying for college and participating in collegiate sports every year, have you ever wondered what makes some athletes stand out above others? Sure, they may have amazing athletic ability, but there are also distinct qualities which all successful student athletes posses which make them stand out from the crowd.

Attitude – Having a can do, positive attitude is fundamental in ensuring that you are able to cope with any situation thrown at you. Whether it be playing sport, studying or just life in general, any person who has the ability to look at situations with an open mind and the ‘glass is always half full’ attitude will thrive when others don’t .

Solid academics – Depending on what college/university you attend you will need to have a certain academic standard and prerequisites to enter. However as a general rule you must maintain a C average to play college sport and study. For students wanting to transfer to a NCAA div 1 school, sacrifices will need to be made in order to achieve the high academic standard set required for entry. As a whole, successful college athletes and students find a balance between your studies, sport and social life, which teach you valuable skills for later life.

Team player – You’ve all heard the saying before, ‘there is no I in team’, and it’s completely true. You have to be willing to put your team first. As a freshman, you may be overlooked in favour of more senior players and you have to be willing to accept that and earn you place on the team. Sometimes coming from high school where you may have been considered one of the best, this can be a blow to the ego. But keep in mind, the more determination, time and effort you put in to show the coach you are willing to do whatever it takes, the greater the opportunities given to you throughout your playing career.

Strong work ethic – When asked what makes a successful player, Gold Coast Basketball Association coach Joel Innis said, ” Work ethic every time. There are plenty of people blessed with ability and physical gifts, it’s always the ones who take their gifts and work hard, who achieve.” This is true across the board, ask any coach, you can have the talent but without the work ethic you will never develop these skills and reach your athletic potential.

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