By Marco Maisano






With so much conflicting information Australians (or international students) receive, or assumptions they make, about Junior Colleges, I thought it might be a great idea to help clarify something in as little words as possible.

In short……………….

Some of the best athletes have come through the junior college system

Let’s use Iowa Central Community College as an example (for all the readers of this blog, we have a connection to Iowa Central as three of our key staff here at NSR attended ICCC) so full disclaimer done and dusted……

You can look it up easily….. they’re the seven time, probably soon to be eight time, best junior college athletic program overall, in the country. They have champions in every sport at this Junior College.

Iowa Central also have two past wrestlers that went on to become UFC champions. You’ve got athletes that will be competing at the Commonwealth games that run at Iowa Central. European champions in cross country and in track and field.

That’s just one college …what about Tyson Gay, one of the fastest men in the world went to Barton County Community Colleges in Kansas.

You’ve got Olympians, future professional athletes, and International superstar soccer players attending Junior Colleges.

So yes, it’s not the pathway you think it is…’s better!

The most recent international superstar soccer player from the US, but relates to all international students is Dom Dwyer……

CLICK HERE to hear about Dom Dwyer’s story.

Dom Dwyer is now a part of the US Men’s National Team. He grew up in England and was in and out of different academy programs where he was eventually released from recent Premier League outfit Norwich. Dom then somehow found himself at Tyler Junior College in Texas. The rest is history.

The list goes on and on and on.

Let me make one thing clear though, every single division, division one, two, and three in the NCAA, the NAIA, the National Junior College Athletic Association, the California Community College Athletic Association, the Northwest Athletic Conference, the United States Collegiate Athletic Association, the National Christian College Athletic Association; every single division that exists, is going to have high level athletes. All of these divisions will also have a lower level of athlete.

There’s high level athletes all over the place, and junior college is absolutely no exception to this.