Carter Jensen has completed his first year playing College Basketball and already has plans to stay for Postgraduate studies. 

“After having just completed my first year of university study in the United States at Iowa Wesleyan University, it is without exaggeration that the experience has been of the greatest enjoyment and satisfaction that I could have hoped for.” Carter Jensen said of his time so far in the midwestern state of Iowa.

Jensen, a Basketball player from the Gold Coast in Queensland has been competing and studying at NCAA Division 3 School, Iowa Wesleyan University.

Carters school year began in August of 2017 after a two-week vacation that he and his parents had decided to undertake in order to unwind and also prepare for the challenge of establishing himself in the United States as a College student athlete. After initially being extremely nervous to undertake the challenge of pursuing a university degree in the US carter has since adjusted and settled into the lifestyle and demands of being a college student athlete. “After being out of school for almost nine months before departing it soon became evident that I had made the right choice to pursue this pathway.”

Carter is looking to get study Law at the postgraduate level in the US as he wishes to stay and practise in the US upon graduation. It wasn’t long after being in the US Carter knew of his intentions of staying in the States.

“As hard it would be for my close friends to believe, one the aspects of this opportunity that I was looking most forward to was to study my degree, and I am still currently enjoying the rewards, trials, and tribulations that the criminal justice degree at Iowa Wesleyan is able to provide me.”

Although the rigorous academic schedule was something Carter was looking forward to, he was also excited by the busy schedule that comes with being not only a student at an American College but also an Athlete. Carter Said that “this was one of the main reasons I decided to pursue this pathway, basketball in this previous year presented a number of new, interesting, challenging, and fun tasks and obstacles that I would have to face. To begin with, I found that it was going to be a difficult and confronting reality that my parents for the first time in my life were not going to be able to attend my games and would instead have to watch them over the live streaming network.”

However, looking back on the experience of playing college basketball, this recent year, despite its challenges, has allowed Carter to meet some of the greatest teammates and people that he could have met. This opportunity made the gruelling college season one of both learning and enjoyment and has resulted in Carter having one of the best years of his life.

Although it is true that the winters of Iowa and other surrounding states is in itself one of the biggest challenges to adapt to, Carter can say with confidence that……..

“thanks to my teammates and friends that this year both academically and athletically has been a massive success and amazing experience overall.”

Not only does Carter play Basketball he has also walked on to the Iowa Wesleyan Gridiron team playing as a receiver. He has made an incredible transition in to a sport he has never played before which has also allowed him to meet more people and make more friends at the university. What an Athlete.

Carter is currently getting ready to head back over to Iowa for his second year at Iowa Wesleyan University and hopes to have an even better year than the last.

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