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Pricing FAQ's

In accordance with NCAA bylaw, “A prospective student-athlete may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.”

In layman’s terms, the fees that a family pays to IAM 360 are for promotional services associated with the pursuit of opportunities abroad, and not paid for the opportunities themselves.  IAM 360 cannot legally receive incentives from an overseas institution, or from a prospective student athlete for the work that is done on behalf of the Prospect. 

IAM 360 exists as a neutral, non-biased organisation that shares information with institutions overseas that correspond to the individual academic merits, abilities, and ambitions of each individual Prospect. 

You will receive a full refund of the money that has been paid, plain and simple.

Before a student or student athlete is offered the chance to join the IAM 360 Program and pay the associated fees for services, IAM 360 ensures that:

  1. The Prospect and family have the right level of commitment and are prepared and educated about the processes involved in attaining opportunities overseas.
  2. The Prospect and family have an understanding of the financial commitments associated with opportunities overseas and has the chance to propose their own annual budget for the options they want to receive.
  3. We have evaluated the academic achievement of the student, the student’s choice of study, and both are sufficient for the purposes of attaining future opportunities overseas.
  4. We have a clear understanding of a student athletes standard of participation in their sport, and it is deemed to be sufficient for the purposes of attaining future opportunities overseas.
  5. The Prospect and family’s expectations about their future opportunities coincide with the academic and/or sporting abilities of the Prospect, and the family’s financial capabilities and expectations.

If at any stage in the evaluation process of a student or student athlete that IAM 360 believes we are not 100% able to meet the academic and/or sporting expectations, as well as the financial expectations of the Prospect and family, IAM 360 will not allow the Prospect to join the Program and pay the associated fees for service.

The fees that are paid to IAM 360 are for promotional services associated with finding opportunities overseas and have no bearing on whether the student or student athlete physically departs their home country to pursue an overseas opportunity.  If the student or student athlete decides at any stage outside of their Cancellation Period to withdraw from the IAM 360 Program because they have changed their mind about wanting to depart, there are no refunds of the fees that have been paid.

Students and student athletes have the ability to defer their opportunities to a later date or prolong their time on the IAM 360 Program at no additional cost in the event that they are not ready to depart overseas.  Students and student athletes have until the age of 22 to pursue an opportunity abroad and can defer their opportunities for multiple years if they choose to.

If after joining the IAM 360 Program, a Prospect is diagnosed with a terminal illness, or suffers injuries that are critical in nature that leave the Prospect physically incapable of continuing with the program, IAM 360 will provide a full refund minus 25% for administrative costs.

Sickness and/or injury that can be overcome with treatment and/or proper rehabilitation do not warrant a refund of the money that has been paid to IAM 360.  Sports injuries requiring surgery and rehabilitation do not warrant a refund of the fees that are paid to IAM 360.

If a Prospect needs additional time to recover from illness or injury before departing overseas, they are able to defer their departure and no additional cost.  As long as a Prospect is able bodied and willing to pursue an opportunity abroad, there is always an opportunity that can be facilitated by IAM 360.

There is one option available for the payment for the IAM 360 fees:

Fees can be paid in full directly to IAM 360 through the use of a credit/debit card, or through a direct bank transfer.

As soon as services are either paid in full to IAM 360, or a two part payment plan is chosen, IAM 360’s promotional services commence.  The length of time in which promotional services will be provided to the Prospect will be dependent on which services the Prospect and family have chosen and paid for.  There are 2 IAM 360 service options that families can choose between, each with different lengths of service:

  1. IAM 360’s College Placement Service:  College Placement services stop once we have assisted a student or student athlete through the entire promotional process, and the student has departed their home country to pursue their opportunity overseas.  IAM 360 always remains a support system for advice and guidance once a Prospect has arrived overseas, but IAM 360’s promotional obligations cease once the Prospect has physically departed their home country or have reached the cut-off age of 22 years old
  2. IAM 360’s College Care Services:  College Care services extend IAM 360’s promotional obligations to cover a Prospect for the entirety of their experience overseas.  IAM 360 remains contractually obligated to assists with overseas promotion for the purposes of college transfers and more, as well as assisting with opportunities once a Prospect has completed their overseas studies.

Families can choose to include College Care at a discounted price at the time of joining the IAM 360 Program or can elect to add these services at later time.

Speak to an IAM 360 Team member for more information about IAM 360’s service options.

Remembering that the fees paid to IAM 360 are for promotional services associated with finding opportunities overseas, there will be no refunds for choosing to withdraw from the IAM 360 Program after being presented with a college offer(s).  Again, the fees paid to IAM 360 have no bearing on whether the Prospect chooses to physically depart their home country to pursue an overseas opportunity.

The process of finding a college offer(s) for a Prospect is thorough and complex.  Ultimately, IAM 360 uses the academic achievement and ambitions of the Prospect to first locate institutions for which the Prospect can gain admission into, that offer the academic coursework of their choosing.  IAM 360 then uses the Prospect’s extracurricular resume to narrow these options until a college offer(s) has been presented.  Any college offer(s) is directly correlated to the abilities and attributes of each Prospect, and how they translate to the needs of particular programs overseas.

A college offer(s) is not made by IAM 360 on the basis of what we think is best for a Prospect.  An offer(s) comes as a result of IAM 360 sharing a Prospect’s academic and/or athletic resume with administrators and/or college coaches until it has generated a positive enough response to signify a college’s desire to enter recruitment discussions with the Prospect.  IAM 360 then ensures that the expected cost of attendance to the Prospect is in the range of the financial capabilities that were outlined by the family, while always working to keep costs as low as possible through the negotiation of scholarships and financial aid where available.

Only when all of these factors come together to produce a favourable opportunity for the Prospect does IAM 360 present the offer(s) to the Prospect.  It is the choice of the Prospect and family to either accept or decline an offer(s) after having the chance to communicate with the support staff of the institution.

If a Prospect is not happy with the opportunities they have received, they have several options:

  1. Continue waiting for additional options.
  2. Defer their departure by 6 or 12 months, to allow more time to search for alternative options in the next recruiting cycle.
  3. Decide to pursue a different pathway altogether.

It is always in IAM 360’s best interest to search for the best possible college offer(s) for each Prospect, as the future of our business operations rest solely on customer satisfaction and opportunity.  No refunds are provided if a Prospect chooses not to pursue any

IAM 360 is the only education, training and management Scholarship agency in the world.

IAM 360 Student athletes are educated with regular and ongoing nutrition, sports psychology, sports science, coaching and mentoring sessions. In addition to this, we also provide regular SAT tutoring to all of our students as part of the Education and Development program.

IAM 360 athletes participate in the IAM 360 Combine which is our exclusive training and testing program designed to provide athletic benchmarks for each athlete.

As a management organization, IAM 360 effectively manage the recruitment process for the student from start to acceptance into college. In addition to this, IAM 360 provides ongoing support to all students whilst in the USA through our College Care program.

We recommend you review all scholarship agencies so as to help you identify what best suits you. CLICK HERE to see other agencies

Personalised US College Coach Connection

IAM 360's Prospect Support Specialists will use your unique personal attributes to target, and connect you with the college coaches of programs that most accurately suit your academic, sporting, and social characteristics.

Ongoing US Coach Communication

IAM 360 will provide an exclusive “Coach Communicator” service to all IAM 360 athletes, including the Prospect. Coach Communicators maintain personal phone contact with college coaches across the USA on a daily basis, specifically to promote IAM 360 athletes in a personalized manner.

Unlimited Prospect Manager Access & Support

Unrestricted access to IAM 360's Head Prospect Manager and Prospects’ Support Specialists, whose knowledge and expertise can help you to tackle any questions or obstacles that you have regarding US academics, intercollegiate sports, athletic eligibility, coach communication, visa and immigration questions, travel arrangements, and much more.

Personal Web Site, Website Promo & Internet Exposure

Personal IAM 360 website, profile, scouting information, statistical updates & new additions maintained by IAM 360 & sent to all prospective sports-specific College coaches every month who also have access to the IAM 360 website at all times.

My roommate/teammate Promotion

IAM 360 will promote friends/teammates on the IAM 360 Program to similar institutions throughout the United States if all parties express interest in attending school together. IAM 360 cannot guarantee successful acquisition of such opportunities as the final decision regarding athlete recruitment rests in the hands of the College Coach and the College/University. All promotions are subject to academic standards, program needs, competition eligibility status, and technical ability.

Eligibility, SAT & Visa Advice

Eligibility, SAT and Visa advice once an offer has been attained from a US College or University.

Academic Scholarship Search

IAM 360 will conduct an academic scholarship search for you, which can offer significant financial assistance towards College expenses.

Travel & Itinerary Plans & Preparation

Itinerary & travel plans prepared for College departure.

Full Length Footage Transfers

IAM 360 will archive & provide all prospective College coaches access to full length, running game time footage upon request from a College coach.

GPA Analysis

Expert academic assistance in GPA conversions from marks earned in the Australian system as compared to the American equivalent.

Performing/Visual Arts Scholarship Search

IAM 360 will conduct a non-athletic/academic scholarship search within the College at which the Prospect has accepted placement, if the Prospect meets the criteria, which may offer additional financial assistance towards College expenses.

Athletic Eligibility Centre Assistance

Step-by-step guidance through the appropriate College athletic eligibility centre registration process.

Athletic Development Support

Receive unlimited athlete development support from the IAM 360 Sport Science Team. Our professional coaching staff can assist with any enquiry or questions pertaining to physical development and training.

Professional Contract Clause

Refund of IAM 360 fees paid (less 25% admin fee) if you sign a full-time, Senior Professional contract before departing to the U.S. for College.

Video Editing & Hosting (120 mins p/a)

IAM 360 edit raw video footage and produce a top-quality, master evaluation video demonstrating your abilities, which may include: personal interview, skills demonstrations, show-case drills and evaluations, game or other competition footage, as well as graphics & background music to enhance visual effects of the video.

College Deferment Option

Option to defer College entry & continue to receive the benefits of IAM 360 services for one additional year.

Access to the High Performance Portal & Physical Training Programs

Receive unlimited access to our comprehensive online athlete development system; equipped with customised strength training programs, conditioning sessions, flexibility sessions, injury prevention programs and more. Visit the High Performance Page to see more.