Why You Will Never Become a Pro Athlete

It’s not easy to turn pro. Even just becoming a pro athlete for a year, or a season is difficult but,  but what’s the point in that. You can’t say you made it, because did you really? Matt here at IAM 360 played professionally, was released, this and that, yes he signed a pro contract but he never said to anyone that he made it. Because he didn’t.

That isn’t making it. It takes a massive ridiculous effort, and you need to be genetically gifted as well to even make it to where I did, but to then make a career out of football, or basketball, or any sport, you need to be sick with it. ‘Making it’ is different for everyone. You need to determine what you classify as making it? Is making
it as a pro, just signing that first pro contract? Is it having a lengthful career professionally? is it
having a lengthful career then being able to retire after your athletic career because you have made a lot of money?

Because there are thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of athletes that have decent pro careers, that have sacrificed everything, school, family, friends etc to then not make enough money from their careers so they have to work afterwards, but with no education and its almost like starting fresh.

There are differences in ‘becoming a pro’ There are a lot of different reasons as to why someone wouldn’t make it as a professional. For example, if you are listening or reading through the shownotes to this podcast…. You probably won’t be making it as a professional.

What do I mean by this?

An athlete that is going to make it as a pro doesn’t believe anything else. They are going to make it and that’s it. Why would they listen to a podcast on reasons why they wouldn’t make it as a pro when they know they will?

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