Why You Are Not Getting Recruited By US Colleges

This week’s episode is about the things that you may or may not be doing that are affecting your
recruitment. So essentially…‘why you are not getting recruited’.

There are a number of different things that you may or may not be doing, things that you probably
don’t even realise that can certainly affect your college promotion.

There are still a lot of things that need to be done from the athletes end in order to allow us to be
able to find options. Its not as simple as sign on to the program, and we will go and get you college
offers. Athletes need to provide us with information, so we can build a website. Coaches references,
photos athletic and academic achievements etc.

Athletes need to provide us with game footage or athletic footage. Athletes need to update us with
new information and footage each year. It’s a partnership we need to work together. If these things
aren’t done, then there will be no collegiate opportunities. If this is done, then of course you will
have options.

What are some smaller things that may hinder your chances of being recruited?
• Not keeping your Website up to date
• New footage every year
• Improving your grades
• Improving results at combines (athletic testing days)
• Asking IAM 360 questions if you have questions or concerns
• Following up with college coaches

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