When to Start Looking For A Sports Scholarship

An age old question, when should you start looking for a sports scholarship?

The easy answer is as soon as possible. But, in other parts of the world, really anywhere outside of the US, we don’t tend to think like they do in America. Not many people in the world are seriously thinking about university in elementary school or the early stages of high school. Its more towards the end of high school.

So, starting early is a difficult concept for most internationals and international families to grasp. Why would I start now when university is 4 years away? Well you start now because that is how they do it in the US. If you want to go to the US, then you need to act as the Americans do. Just because you may not agree with it doesn’t mean anything. Americans start the college recruitment process early. Most Americans know they are going to college from an early age. Very early age. So, to sum it up quickly, its never too early to start but it can certainly be too late.

Let’s talk about actual time frames as an international. We mentioned before its never too early to start the process but look, I guess it takes a special family to start the process in year 9 even year 10. But one thing that is hard to get across is that is isn’t about going to the US. Going to the US and getting offers are two different things. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t have college offers.

You can only go, if you have offers, and to get offers, you need to start the process. Not at the end of year 12, or after year 12, but as early as possible. So its not about going, really. Its not about starting because you are going to the US. Its about starting the process so you have the option to go to the US. I know that may be confusing because it is, for internationals. Like we said, it’s a hard concept to grasp because we don’t tend to think about post high school until the very end of high school.

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