What Not To Say To College Coaches

College coaches, IAM 360 Director Matt Wade was one, he spoke with hundreds of different types of athletes and families from all around the world. Different characters, different personalities, different cultures obviously.

There were certainly times where he took away opportunities based on conversations and the actions and questions asked by the athletes and their families. You can tell a lot about a person’s character just from a phone call or a skype meeting or whatever it is, and the questions that they ask. This is the case for both parents and athletes speaking with coaches.

Just a few examples of what he personally didn’t like when speaking with or receiving emails
from prospective athletes, And look, this is the case for most coaches:

  • He didn’t like it when and if an athlete or family member asked about the style of football he
    coached, and the style of football they play or are used to.
  • He didn’t care about that, style doesn’t matter. You don’t see pro players signing with teams
    just because of the style they play. They go because its an awesome opportunity to further
    their careers and to get paid.
  • He hated if parents got too involved and asked too many questions. He didnt want to deal with
    parents. ‘my son/daughter isn’t playing’ ‘they need to be playing’ all that. He didnt deal with
    parents. You are adults, you come speak to me.
  • So those are two instances where he took away opportunities because he just didn’t want to
    deal with those types of characters

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