What US College Coaches Don’t Care About

In Episode 53 we talk about US College coaches and the things they do not care about. College coaches care about a lot of things and they certainly care about you, however, coaches will never put your wants and desires over the rest of the team. There are no favorites in college sport and no one is bigger than the team and the athletic program. We expand on this topic and share some of the things that coaches will not take a second look at.

As we said, College coaches care about a lot of things. But there are also a few things that they do not care about. This information could help you in the future whilst going through the college recruitment process.

Do they care about the opinions that other people have of your athletic abilities?

They do not care. Now look, that will read through coaches’ references but not to understand how awesomely talented you are. They will read through a coach’s reference to see how coach-able you are, how well you take on feedback and apply it, any areas of improvement, and they will look at all your positive attributes but a lot of the time that component of the reference is taken with a grain of salt.

But coaches don’t care about what other people think about your abilities. That is for them to determine. Especially with team sports. They don’t care that you think you are an awesome player, they don’t care that your parents think you are an awesome player. They don’t care about what you think about yourself.

Exactly they will form their own opinion of you. Its all very subjective.

Now do college coaches care about what you did as a junior athlete?

Nope. Really all they care about is what you are doing now. If you aren’t doing anything then whatever you did in the past means nothing anyways. So there is no point in your bringing up where you played as a junior or how many goals you scored at the under 14’s state titles etc. Again, its always good information to have on your profile but is it the vital piece of information that a coach will make a decision about you on? NO

They will look at footage and information from the previous year and now. That is how they will make their decision about you.

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