How to Deal With Homesickness as an International Student Athlete

Homesickness is almost inevitable. Its going to happen. It happened to me (Jacob), it happened to you (Matt), it still happens to you and it still happens to me. The best and worst thing I (Jacob) got from this whole experience is the fact that no matter where I am in the world now I am always homesick.

When can you expect it to happen?

  • There is what we like to call the 10 week wall, which is usually the first time you will experience homesickness, after the season if you are competing in a fall sport, during thanksgiving and closer to Christmas.
  • That usually when we first hear from athletes in the US
  • It makes sense that it would happen around this time. People are going home to their families, and spending time with someone else’s family over the breaks can be hard.

Things that can bring on home sickness

  • The holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, the summer break if you end up staying. Not so much spring break because it’s only a week and you usually spend it with your mates.
  • Sitting on social media in your room. Looking at what all your mates are doing back home.
  • Constantly messaging family and friends back home, or skyping and calling.
  • Staying in your room and not going out and experiencing what college is all about.
  • Things aren’t going your way with sport. Maybe not starting straight away or you have had a few bad training sessions or an injury.
  • The Change in the weather, in both locations. Which is a big one. Winter there is summer here in Australia. You are freezing and your mates are at the beach.
  • When the athletic season finishes, and things start to slow down. You have a bit of a break from your sport and its just school.

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