How Using Data and Statistics can help you Increase your Scholarship

In episode 45 we speak about data and statistics and how you can use this information to increase your scholarship percentages and opportunities in general. American coaches and Americans in general love statistics. The more you can provide the more it will help you solidify options.

We all know American coaches, well America in general, love their stats, they love data. They love the statistical side of sport. Stats are not just recorded at the professional level. It’s all levels of sport including the collegiate level.

In this episode we also talk about what type of information should I have on my site?

Gathering data here in Australia and NZ is a little different, its not as commonly done as it is in the US at high school. The major difference being in the fact that High school sport in the US is basically what club sport is here, except on a different level. The US doesn’t really have club sports on the scale we have here. Growing up in the US you play school sport, then college sport during the academic year, then during summer break you play club sports.

Here you will play school sport and club sport but its a little different. School sport here is not taken as seriously as it is in the US. Club sport here is where it gets a little more serious. At high school games, the same as college, you will have students from that school taking stats. That doesn’t really happen even at club level here let alone high school.

With sports where you actually receive a result like Golf, Track and field, swimming, its imperative that you keep results, and gather officially recorded stats and results from the events you compete in or the golf tournaments you played in. The more you have of this the better. If you keep all your results that are officially recorded, then you will be fine. Especially with these sports where your results mean everything. Data Is what coaches want and need to form a solid opinion of you.

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