How Many College Scholarship Offers Will I Receive?

In episode 52 we talk about College offers. When it comes to college offers, quality over quantity is the way you need to look at it. The number of offers an athlete receives changes every year based on their own academic and athletic abilities, their financial capabilities, the coaches recruitment needs and more. We don’t determine how many offers an athlete receives but we give you some averages.

A College offer is when a Coach likes the athlete that you are and offers you a position on their college program. An offer may come with scholarship or it may not. That is completely up to the coaching staff. When we pass on an offer to any of our athletes, that’s what it is, it is an opportunity for you to go an be a part of that college team. Its not to go and trial, its not to go and see if you fit in or if the coach likes you.

Now that’s not to say you are going to go in and play straight away every single game or in every single tournament etc. That’s not what an offer is. You are still going to have to go over there and prove yourself and earn that position. However, its not like you are going to go over to the US then the coach says “you weren’t what he/she was looking for” then send you home. An offer is where a coach looks through all your information, watches all of your video footage, has multiple discussions with us here in the office or you personally then decide they want to offer you a spot on their program. That is an offer. A coach wants you to be a part of their team.

“We don’t want just any offer we want a quality offer” this is something that is brought up all the time. What is a quality offer?

Anything that we pass through to you, we believe is a ‘quality’ offer as it is based on all your preferences and all your needs. The offer is from somewhere that suits your academic needs and abilities, its somewhere where you can go in and compete straight away, its somewhere that matches any of your personal needs/preferences and most importantly its somewhere where the coach actually wants you.

People tend to think that a ‘quality offer’ is where you are getting a big athletic scholarship. Incorrect. You could have a fantastic ‘offer’ from a school that can’t offer athletic scholarship at all. Whether it is with or without scholarship, anything we pass on to you is a quality offer. If you are going it alone then you certainly need to take everything into account and do your research.

For us here at NSR it’s about quality over quantity.

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