8 Things to Ask College Coaches

When you get towards the end of the college recruitment process, you start receiving offers etc, there will come a point in time where you will be speaking with College coaches. You will need to organize times to have a phone call, skype call, facetime whatever it may be to talk about the opportunity.

First off, this is your job and your responsibility. This isn’t for mum and dad to email the coaches and to set up times to talk then to talk on the actual conversation. The coach wants to speak with you, and you should want to speak with the coach.

The conversation should flow like a normal conversation. Nothing too crazy, but we will go over 8 different things you can say and ask college coaches in these stages of communication in this episode. Now one of the things you can talk about is the school. Nothing too specific just the school and the opportunity in general. It could be as simple as, “tell me a little more about the school” . The coach will be able to share information on location, where the school is, a bit of history about the school, academic schedules, the lifestyle on campus etc. Basic stuff but will give you a better understanding of the college.

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