7 Things That Will Stop You From Getting A Sports Scholarship

There are a number of different things that will stop you from getting a college scholarship. We are going to talk about 7 things that will hinder your chances or stop you in your tracks. Some of these you are in control of and others you are not.

The first thing that can stop you is your attitude. Your attitude towards the opportunity, towards your sport, and towards your academics. Attitude is everything. You won’t get very far with a bad attitude. Not only with this particular opportunity but with anything in life. If you have a bad attitude towards your grades and your subjects, and we will stop you right there, don’t bother with this opportunity because you won’t get very far, and by very far we mean you will get nowhere. If you have a bad attitude towards coaches’ feedback, and a bad attitude in training. Don’t bother because the coach will kick you off their college team straight away and you will be home.

We have all been there. Teenagers, that period in your life from 14 to 19, pretty rebellious. Not all of us, but sometimes our attitude can be a bit sour. Which look, I guess is pretty normal. But the earlier you can snap out of it and realize that no one is out to get you, and everyone wants what’s best for you the better off you will be.

Number 2 is your academics. Your academics can certainly stop you from getting a scholarship. In the US you are a student always before athlete. If you aren’t passing classes, you won’t be competing. Exactly and your academics coming out of high school really determine where you can and can’t go. If you don’t pass high school, then there won’t be any options in the US. So of course, if you don’t pass high school and graduate then yeah, that will definitely stop you from getting a scholarship or an opportunity at all. Academics really are everything. The sooner you realise that the better. To have that education backing you is massive. So, the quicker you can understand that your academics are everything the better off you will be.

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