August 2019

Dear partner schools, students and Parents,

IAM360, founded in 2006, is an award-winning international student athlete management company who assist students with their search of scholarships to Colleges/Universities within the USA; based on their academic, sporting and or cultural preferences.

It is IAM360 CEO & founder; Marco Maisano’s intention to meet with as many SA schools as possible to explain how we can help their students much in the same way in which we helped the below mentioned schools.

To date IAM360 have partnered with the following Schools in SA:

  • King Edward VII – Reference letter below
  • Northwood Boys
  • Glenwood Boys
  • Paarl Boys
  • Paarl Girls
  • Parktown Girls
  • Jeppe Boys
  • Pretoria Boys High
  • Edenvale High
  • St Mary’s PTA
  • Fourways High School
  • St Albans College PTA
  • Eden college

We are currently in discussions with many more SA schools – finalizing our partnerships and gaining permission to present to their students.

IAM360 is not a recruitment company. With 14 years of experience and trusted networks we holistically manage the entire process from applications, to VISA, insurance, admissions, Sports Scholarship search, Academic and international scholarship application, university transfers, work placement, on and off campus employment ( summer employment) and professional sporting careers for the entire duration of the students study / sporting career.

The relationship with our students and their families lasts up to 8 years as we not only assist with University entry, but we also provide pathways to Honors (Master’s Degree), professional sports, and assist with work study upon graduation too. In addition to this, we would be honored to provide your students with the same bursaries we have provided to other SA Schools and their students. These cover up to 50 percent of their total IAM360 fee (ZAR 75,000 fee reduction) These would be based on application and provided to accepted student athletes. All Accepted student athletes are guaranteed a placement. The academic year in USA begins in August and it would be beneficial for Grade 12’s to find out about this pathway as quickly as possible as offers for 2020 can start coming out in August 2019.

There are 3 ways of families to go about sourcing scholarships in USA

Do it Yourself Model


  • No cost


  • No guarantee
  • No management
  • Limited (if any outcomes)
  • No pastoral care
  • No visa, insurance or application assistance
  • No Parent support community
  • Little or no knowledge of process & timelines
  • Self-assessed ability & level perception

Use a Recruitment Company


  • Low Cost
  • No Commitment


  • No guarantee
  • No management
  • No pastoral care or ongoing college care & management
  • No or limited visa, insurance or application assistance
  • No Parent support community

IAM360 Management


  • 8 Years ongoing management
  • Guaranteed outcome
  • Tailored & customized program
  • FULL VISA, insurance, application advice and assistance
  • Employment Assistance
  • Post grad (master’s degree) assistance
  • Pro sports management
  • Parent support group of over 2000 live & interactive parents 24/7
  • Sports performing training, programs & advice
  • SAT tutoring and online programs


  • Time Sensitive
  • Application based
  • Exclusive program to partner school only (bursaries provided)
  • Cost
  • Commitment

To summarize the student presentations:

  • Hosting a presentation is straight forward we would require the use of the auditorium or a school hall that you feel is appropriate, with access to a projector.
  • The presentation lasts no more than 60 minutes.
  • Parents should be present as there is information pertaining to bursaries and costs.
  • Boarders without their parent’s attendance will still have the opportunity explore this option.
  • The opportunity is available to all students, of all sports (hockey, tennis, golf, soccer, rugby, water polo, softball, track and field, swimming, basketball just to name a few)
  • The opportunity is available to all cultural & visual arts students
  • The opportunity is available to students of all sporting levels not just Elite.
  • All academic levels not just elite.
  • Interested students can then schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with Marco directly to conduct their scholarship interview (Scholarship interviews are the day/or two after)
  • Scholarship interviews are designed to provide the student with personalized information around their scholarship search

The communication process to the students and parents before a presentation is minimal, and we respectfully request for the following:

  • Email to all grade 12 parents (We will provide a template for your approval)
  • A Notice on the preferred school communicator (D6 or equivalent)
  • A 5-minute introduction by Marco, where he introduces IAM360 to students and personally invites them to the presentation 24 / 48 hours prior to the presentation. After a morning assembly or First tea break

We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to meet with your students and build a long-standing relationship with your school.

Aidan Deyzel

King Edward School, Johannesburg – Committed to Arkansas State University, NCAA D1

Cameron Dowie

King Edward School, Johannesburg – Committed to Arkansas State University, NCAA D1

Evan Roode

Paarl Boys High – Committed to Davenport University – NCAA D2