How To Apply For A Soccer Scholarship In America

If you want to apply for a soccer scholarship in America, there is a long road ahead. Whether you’re looking to secure a scholarship in a US college, university or high school, preparation is going to be your best friend and you’ll want to find the most appropriate scholarships to boost your chances of success.

Here at IAM 360, we are experts in helping our students to secure the life-changing scholarship that they desire. Here’s a closer look at how to get a soccer scholarship in America but first, why is the USA the best choice when it comes to sports scholarships?

Why the USA Is So Popular for Sports Scholarships

The USA has a proud and rich sporting tradition. The country has the infrastructure and mindset necessary to support young athletes and catapult them to the next level of success.

Calling upon a vast support network, talented coaches and world-class facilities, academic institutions in the USA can offer everything that students need to secure success. In terms of extra-curricular success, students are given the wonderful opportunity to start their sporting and academic career in the world’s leading economy. This opens up new opportunities and networks.

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular in the USA and the explosive growth of the MLS in recent years is evidence of this fact. Now’s the time to act if you want a soccer scholarship in the USA.

Applying for a Soccer Scholarship in America: The Process

Applying to a scholarship is no easy task and you’ve got to be prepared to seize success. Here’s a look at the general process that we recommend and how we work to guide our students through each stage.


The first step involves assessing your abilities and understanding the landscape that is open to you. You should spend a lot of time getting to grips with the various soccer scholarships that are out there and how they can fit with your particular needs. This process will also help you to identify which scholarships are appropriate and realistic – we use our understanding of the landscape to help our students succeed.


Once you have identified the appropriate programs based upon your eligibility and preferences, it’s time to begin applying to those scholarship opportunities. You should fulfill all of the criteria properly and prepare well for the best chances of success. We have many years of experience helping our students to apply for their dream scholarship opportunities.


Once you have gained access to your dream scholarship, it’s time to travel to the USA and get the most from it! This means calling upon a trusted and sophisticated network that can give you all of the support that you need. We are very proud to offer our students a support network that keeps them on track.

Why Trust IAM 360 for Soccer Scholarships in America?

Every student matters to us and it’s our pleasure to walk them through this intimidating yet exciting process. We have helped to secure over 5,000 placements to date, and we hope that you will be next – we can’t wait to work with you and secure success for you!