Ever wonder what the difference between the US and Australia is? Well you’re in luck – as our very own, Sonny Liu (QLD) who currently plays for the SUNY Jefferson Canonneers in New York puts our questions to rest.

1. Describe the difference between the USA and Oz.

In the US:

– Every time you eat at a restaurant they expect you to pay tips.

–          When you buy items in shopping centres you have to pay tax in addition to the item’s price at checkout

–          The term ‘Bogan’ doesn’t exist

–          Driver’s side is on the left and keep right on the roads.

2. Is the USA what you thought it would be?

Yes and no, because parties in the US is overrated and not every college has parties every weekend like expected in movies.

3. Describe how you thought the USA was going to be BEFORE you got there

I thought college was a huge playground with different classes of people. I expected places are always full of people and activities.

4. What’s the biggest difference?

Food in the US is very different in names, like a chicken burger can be called a chicken sandwich. They NEVER use the term ‘hot chips’, it’s always fries. Also the Oz accent can be hard for Americans. AND the US currency is very difficult. They don’t use the term ‘coins’ instead they have pennies and quarters which are very small and the dollar notes are the same colour and hard to tell.

I’m doing fine in adjusting to these situations. I limit myself to use coins and only use eftpos. Sometimes changing my accent so they can understand me is another adjustment.

5. What’s the one thing you miss about Australia? (Other than friends and family)

I miss driving on the left side of the road because it makes traffic a lot easier. I miss the slangs and terms we use back in Oz.

6. Describe what the one thing the USA has that Australia doesn’t

The US has PopTarts, and the tips system. Also Thanksgiving similar to Oz Day but eating turkey is the main idea.

7. Does the USA look like Australia?

The traffic is different, and housing is different.

There are still open spaces like the bushes, grass and trees. The US most common animal is the deer instead of kangaroos and they typically get hit on the roads but always manage to survive.

8. If you could get a care package sent from home, what would be the top 3 things you would want in it?

I would want Cadbury chocolates, Allen’s lollies and kangaroo meat.

 Additional Differences:

–          US people don’t use the term ‘lollies’ instead they use candies.

–          Hot chips are called fries or else they wouldn’t understand.

–          People tend to use a lot of cheese on everything and mayo is the most common sauce beside tomato sauce

–          Every house has an American flag out the front… or else they’d be on cars or buildings.

–          There is no such thing as Powerade instead they have just Gatorade. Also lemonade in the US is not the typical carbonated soda instead, it’s a lemon juice.