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General Questions

For over ten years we have provided pathways to college in the US for international student-athletes. More recently, we have opened the opportunity to students interested in study abroad, high school and performing arts pathways to the US and Canada.

We connect international students with the perfect college setting for their passions to thrive, and work hard to secure scholarship funding to help making the opportunity more affordable.

Embracing an international education pathway allows you to combine multiple interests in one, while gaining a world-class education.

Choosing to gain an international degree is highly regarded by employers around the world.

Colleges in the US vary in price depending on their status, location, size, courses available and other factors. At IAM 360, we work within your budget and college preferences to locate the perfect setting for your needs.

We determine all associated costs and relay them to you in order to prepare you for the financial obligations of a US college pathway.

The IAM 360 program is inclusive of a range of student abilities, talents and preferences. Provided that the student has a year 12 accreditation and are invested in furthering their education, IAM 360 can find an opportunity to suit.

The US has a range of courses available and different structures of learning, meaning there is a perfect fit college environment for every style of student

There are thousands of colleges across America and Canada, meaning there are a broad range of courses available to study.

At IAM 360, we assist you to evaluate your high school transcripts to determine what course you can apply for and where your interests are.

After assessing your academic record and college preferences, we can identify what colleges you are eligible to apply for. Whether it is a two-year junior college or a four-year institution, we work hard to find you the perfect college that suits your academic style and outside interests.


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Taking the opportunity to be a student-athlete in a US or Canadian college is a unique pathway. As a student-athlete, you will have access to high-class facilities and resources and train like a professional athlete on a daily basis.

Your commitment to studies and sport during college will be valued by employers in your future career endeavours.

Combining sport and study in one viable future pathway is an opportunity like no other, and one rarely on offer.

Thousands of students have followed the US collegiate sport opportunity and reaped the benefits in their future pathways beyond college.

College sport programs in the US fall into one of five sporting bodies and divisions; NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2, NCAA Division 3, NAIA and NJCAA.

All bar NCAA Division 3 programs offer athletic scholarships, varying in amount between each division.

Division 3 programs don’t offer scholarships for sport, but students are able to obtain funding via their other interests and their academics.

Whether a student is offered a large scholarship offer or more modest funding, coaches have the potential to increase the scholarship amount they can offer their athletes on a yearly basis.

College sport programs fall into one of five categories under different sporting bodies. The programs fall into one the following;

NCAA Division 1

NCAA Division 2

NCAA Division 3



The programs vary in size, scholarship budget and athletic expectations. Each different sport will vary in standard under each division, and we have placed athletes in programs under every division, based on their athletic style and preferences.

Every program will differ in training expectations, but for most college sport programs, athletes train an average of 20+ hours per week. Athletes can expect their training schedule to consist of 4 hours of training per day, broken up into blocks, 6 days per week during the season.

Off season expectations will consist of less training, but athletes will still need to maintain a consistent training schedule to ensure a good standard of fitness.

Each college sport program will differ in athletic standard, but in general terms, international student-athletes are encouraged to prepare for a high standard of sport.

Athletes on the IAM 360 program have the option to add the high performance program onto their program to enjoy the benefits of access to resources that will prepare them for college sport, both in training and nutrition.

Every athlete can find an opportunity in the US, with the variety of sport programs offering different levels of commitment and athletic expectation. Some programs are geared more towards progression and development with a keen interest in athlete’s potential, while others recruit college sport-ready athletes.

Whatever the setting, we will find the right program for you.


Study Abroad

Studying overseas during University/College is looked upon favourably by employers in your future career endeavours.

Not only will you receive a world-class education, you will gain international personal and professional contacts, international experience and the development of personal skills.

IAM 360 can locate opportunities for study abroad pathways in both America and Canada. With thousands of colleges across both countries in a variety of locations, a range of settings and varying climates, we can help you find a study abroad opportunity that suits your preferences.

Students can study any course they wish overseas. For those students who are unsure what they want to study before they enter college, there is such thing as an ‘undeclared major’, whereby students can enter college without stating their course and study a variety of subjects before committing.

Study abroad programs can be tailored to suit your preferred length of study, whether that be a semester abroad, a full year or an entire four-year study experience.

Based on your academic credits and subjects, IAM 360 can help identify what length and style of study abroad experience would best benefit you.

IAM 360 requires your academic record in order to secure you a position in a US or Canadian college. We use this information to also identify what college and course best serves your academic level.

Getting in touch with IAM 360 is the first step to securing a study abroad opportunity. By maintaining satisfactory grades in your studies, you increase your chances of being accepted into a US or Canadian college. The application process can be extensive, so enlisting the help of a company like IAM 360 can take the stress out of securing your opportunity.


High School

High school in America is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a different education and social environment at an early age.

In an American high school, you will quickly learn new social and personal skills in a new environment away from home.

By going to high school overseas, you increase your chances of obtaining future opportunities overseas such as higher education or career pathways

Our small selection of IAM 360 students that are currently experiencing high school abroad are living with host families. US high schools often have exchange programs in place that match a family with an international student to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Unlike college in the US, students aren’t able to live on campus, so we work hard to ensure clear communication between the student and the high school to locate a suitable host family placement.


Performing Arts

For students interested in the performing arts, there are a variety of opportunities on offer across the US.

Colleges across the US offer viable tertiary study pathways in disciplines such as singing, acting, drama, theatre, music and dance.

In a survey of the best schools for performing arts around the world, the US not only occupied the top spot, but it also tallied the most positions in the top 100, with 26.

The colleges on the list are inclusive of colleges that are primarily performing arts based, and those that offer a broad range of courses, with a strong interest in the performing arts.


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